Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that in our effort to ensure the maximum possible hygiene conditions in our accommodation- Dora I Studios- due to the new data of our daily life with Covid 19, we have amended our current policy, so that it complies with the instructions of the Ministry of Health. Therefore:

  • The cleaning of the rooms, including all the recommended points (switches, remote controls, keys, knobs, etc.), is done with special cleaners accompanied by approved certificates.
  • Check in will be strictly at 11:00 am, while the check out will be from 15:00 onwards, so that there is enough time for the required cleaning.
  • The cleaning of the rooms during the stay of the visitors will be done after consultation, in order to limit properly our entry into them.
  • Before the start of the tourist season, special disinfection of the rooms against the germs was carried out by a certified workshop.
  • We have the health certification mark "HEALTH FIRST" of the Ministry of Tourism after attending specialized seminar deliveries.
  • Finally, for the safety of all of us, we strictly observe the distances of the two meters between us and avoid handshakes.


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